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 EA Sports' Season Ticket

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PostSubject: EA Sports' Season Ticket   EA Sports' Season Ticket EmptyTue Apr 02, 2013 12:19 am

EA Sports' Season Ticket

Those who subscribe to EA Sports' Season Ticket for 2012/2013 can attending advanced to some new bonuses in the anatomy of almost $100 account of free-to-download exceptional DLC, according to an amend on the EA Sports website (via Polygon). The anniversary cable will still amount $25 (2,000 MS Points), you just accept added being to attending advanced to.

For FIFA, NHL, and Madden, that added being amounts to assorted 24 Exceptional Gold packs (Pro Madden packs, additional one Legendary backpack for Madden 13) for anniversary game's card-based Ultimate Team mode, almost a $100 amount overall. Subscribers will aswell accept Fifa 13 Coins benefit exceptional DLC for Tiger Woods 14 and NCAA Football 14, but the data for that agreeable will be appear at a after date.

The blow of Season Ticket cable allowances are unchanged; subscribers will still accept three canicule of aboriginal admission to anniversary abounding bold above-mentioned to its absolution -- admitting you'll accept to buy the absolute bold already it's out if you wish to accumulate arena -- additional a 20 percent abatement on any exceptional DLC purchased or Buy Fifa 13 Coins aloft and above the freebies.
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EA Sports' Season Ticket
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