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 Mint Cosmetics And The Sodium Bicarbonate Myth

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Mint Cosmetics And The Sodium Bicarbonate Myth Empty
PostSubject: Mint Cosmetics And The Sodium Bicarbonate Myth   Mint Cosmetics And The Sodium Bicarbonate Myth EmptyMon Jun 11, 2012 4:00 am

Mint Cosmetics And The Sodium Bicarbonate Myth

There have been massive rumours doing the rounds in the teeth dental curing light whitening industry lately, that ponder over the fact that the conventional teeth whitening kits are slowly dying off from the consumer platforms because of low sales statistics – and the zero peroxide approach (which propagates the sodium bicarbonate theory as the next cleansing agent) is taking up the blank space left behind by the former. While most critics and reviewers have openly criticised such rumour mongering, the fact is that handpiece cartridge they are absolutely untrue.

Cosmetic dentists, whose business had died an untimely death due to the swamping of the tooth bleaching market by DIY home teeth whitening kits, are of the opinion that a revolution that large and widespread – along with an effective reason to be so popular, is hard to electric toothbrush wipe out with a mild alternative of the core used to topple the erstwhile traditional approach to get flawlessly white teeth!

The zero peroxide teeth whitening kits, which are propagated by products like crest white strips and brands like mint cosmetics, have often set up a false pretence that hydrogen peroxide tend to scald the innards of the mouth or the gums and teeth of unsuspecting consumers – especially those who have sensitive teeth or gums. This is the main USP for the use of dental turbine sodium bicarbonate (a milder and less effective (but cheaper when bought in bulk as raw material) as a replacement tooth bleaching agent in the time forward.

This is a myth and nothing else. While sodium bicarbonate is indeed a milder agent than hydrogen peroxide, they seldom produce a quicker result and whiter set of teeth as results than the latter. This is because of precisely the same reason for which the sodium dental ultrasonic scalers bicarbonate agent had been brought into the market – they are milder!

As for scalding teeth or gums, the moulds provided by the home teeth whitening kits using hydrogen peroxide are often the best in the industry – and provide cover against even the least of spillages or leaks while being used by amateur consumers to whiten their teeth. So while crest white strips can easily contact the gums and cause irritation, this is seldom the case with the conventional tooth cleansing kits.
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Mint Cosmetics And The Sodium Bicarbonate Myth
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