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 Infant oral health care law

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Infant oral health care law

Before the baby teeth, all of sucking milk, fruit juice or a variety of dental instruments liquid food supplement, nutrition and water. This liquid food, it is easy to attach to the mucosa of the soft tissue around the mouth, for example, between the upper and lower lips and teeth, the floor of the mouth mucosa, throat, mucous membrane, etc. A hotbed of bacteria in milk of high nutritional value, especially if long-term retention in the oral mucosa, it will become a hotbed of dental turbine bacterial growth in the oral cavity. Some infections may cause the baby's oral mucosa swelling and even bleeding, such as the herpes virus. May be accompanied by flu-like symptoms, may also decrease appetite.

Order in general, the baby grows a tooth in the jaw in the middle, known as the "jaw are incisors. Each baby is not necessarily the same before long the baby of the maxillary incisors, but most of them or grows lower incisors. Jaw are incisors grow, will continue to grow the jaw electric toothbrush lateral incisor, maxillary incisors, the maxillary lateral incisor, rear molar about 3 years old, former president of the Qi 20 deciduous teeth.

The pacifier VS teeth may have many parents have such concerns, the case of "eat the pacifier in the end will not affect the development of the tooth?" The proper use of the pacifier, do not affect the baby teeth development. Some babies because the sucking pacifiers too hard, to the detriment of the former front teeth bite, formed a "snag". Even too hard, even the alveolar bone (surrounded by the bones of the teeth) is also deformed. Even handpiece cartridge replaced by permanent teeth is the same snag. If your baby is often the pacifier suck bad, we should note that there is not too hard to suck.

Before the teeth, look at the dentist a lot of parents believe that the baby is small, do not need to brush your teeth, of course, not to mention going to the dentist and teeth and there is no pain, should not need superfluous it. In fact, this is wrong. The purpose of the first oral examination of the oral information, assess the baby to the chance of suffering dental curing light from oral diseases, planning oral health care plans and decided to revisit in the future frequency, the first oral examination should be very easy, simple way of checking baby oral teeth health information, while providing parents home to take care of reference.

To establish good oral health care habits of dental caries is usually because of poor eating habits and clean oral habits. Therefore, the baby teeth before going to the dentist, parents can get the correct concept, help your baby establish a good oral hygiene habits.
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Infant oral health care law
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