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 The advantages of removable denture repair

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The advantages of removable denture repair Empty
PostSubject: The advantages of removable denture repair   The advantages of removable denture repair EmptyMon Jun 11, 2012 3:43 am

The advantages of removable denture repair

Removable denture, by definition, is the ability to "activities" by the dental curing light patients pick wear a denture. According to the patients with missing teeth can be divided into partial removable partial denture and complete denture.

A wide range of indications of removable dentures can be used in almost all missing teeth and the repair. Secondly, the removable denture abutments protective. Fixed repair (steel teeth, veneers) abutments need to ground a large number of healthy tooth structure. Removable prostheses according to the specific circumstances of the patient's flexible design, you can choose more than one abutment in different locations to achieve the double handpiece cartridge effect of protection of natural teeth and restore chewing function, in the case of more missing teeth, poor conditions of the abutments, the removable denture irreplaceable advantages.

Volume of the traditional activities denture parts, often exposed to affect the appearance of the clasp to recommend several new types of removable dentures, you can better solve these problems.

Telescopic denture and attachment dentures in active dentures using the advantages of a fixed partial denture repair the purpose to achieve through the activities part of dental ultrasonic scalers the fixed portion of the completion of the main function still moving parts. 1. Telescopic denture: telescopic denture is fixed through the metal at the abutments on the crown and in the activity tooth porcelain outside the crown relative to the socket. Compared with other partial dentures, telescopic denture is the most prominent bit is in a long time after use denture not only not more Daiyue Song, but pick to wear due to repeated dental turbine friction, more fit, more solid inside and outside the crown, sleeve denture does not require a lot of the denture base, foreign body sensation small, pronunciation, more beautiful, production and repair easy. But need to wear in addition to the abutment teeth are more close to the molar amount of the fixed partial denture, and abutments should maintain more consistent with the tilt angle to the normal place. 2. Attachment dentures: attachment dentures accurate phase components of the fixed components and activities of the denture on the dental instruments abutments for a fixed. A precision attachment requirement of the production process is very high due to all the metal parts. Attachment denture aesthetics and chewing performance is very good, its design flexibility and aesthetics more than telescopic denture. The disadvantage is that the production process are higher, the cost is What is the installation activities denture note slightly more expensive. 3. And activities with dental implant denture repair
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The advantages of removable denture repair
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