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 Why Are Teeth Whitening Processes Inconsistent

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Why Are Teeth Whitening Processes Inconsistent Empty
PostSubject: Why Are Teeth Whitening Processes Inconsistent   Why Are Teeth Whitening Processes Inconsistent EmptyFri Jun 08, 2012 12:36 am

Why Are Teeth Whitening Processes Inconsistent

Many people wonder why the same teeth whitening dental equipment procedure used by their neighbors work better while it produces dull results in their cases. Well, no, the teeth whitening products do not have different concentrations in each kit. It is because teeth whitening depends on a lot of factors dental handpiece and the same white cannot be achieved in all the cases. There are various factors at work and they can be controllable or not. It is in variation in different persons. There is no way a product can guarantee the same whiter teeth for all users of the product.

The color of a person's teeth can have a major role to play in case of air syringe teeth whitening. It is seen that people with yellowish hue on their teeth respond better to the whitening process. Many teeth develop grayish or brownish tinges due to consumption of various medications or dark colored staining beverages such as coffee. Fluorosis can also make the teeth dark brown which does not show dramatic teeth whitening machine effects on teeth bleaching. Also, the effect can only whiten the teeth up to our natural teeth color. So the expectation of whiter teeth should be within limitations.

It is necessary to remove all the stains and deposits from the teeth before going for teeth whitening. This will ensure that the teeth whitening products can have optimal contact with the surface of the teeth. The whitening for teeth is also directly dependant on the concentration of the whitening solution. The higher the concentration, the better is dental lab equipment the whitening. But higher concentrations can also be harmful for the teeth and the tissues of the mouth. So a delicate balance in the concentration is to be achieved to get fairer whitening whilst doing no such damage to the mouth.

Each teeth whitening product requires different time to take optimal effect. The solutions remain in direct contact with the surface of the teeth. Manufacturers usually specify the duration of the application of that particular concentration of the solution over your teeth. Keeping the system for less or more time can affect the teeth and the whitening. Always dental apex locator comply with the instructions as they are directed for the safer use of the products. Choose a solution that is employed in the neutral pH range. This ensures that there is no increased sensitivity in the teeth.
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Why Are Teeth Whitening Processes Inconsistent
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